Do Semi-Truck Accidents Go to Trial?

Why Your Truck Accident Claim May Go to Trial | Colombo Law

Victims of truck accidents face any number of uncertainties. After being injured in an accident, there may be questions about your health, your finances, your ability to work, and more. If you believe the accident […]

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What Mechanical Defects Cause Car Accidents?

How Vehicle Defects Can Cause a Car Accident | Colombo Law

We place a great deal of trust in the integrity of our vehicles. Drivers often travel at high speeds on a regular basis without giving it a second thought. Most of the time, this trust […]

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How Long Do You Have to Sue for Workers’ Comp?

injured worker holding his leg after falling off a step stool

A workers’ comp claim is not the same as filing a lawsuit. In fact, your options to sue for a work injury are limited in most cases. The legal proceedings involved in a workers’ compensation […]

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What to Do After an Accident in West Virginia

Injured man shaken and confused after a car accident in West Virginia | Colombo Law

The moments immediately following an accident in West Virginia are critical for several reasons. For one, they can play a big part in your health and well-being. Staying safe and receiving the appropriate medical attention […]

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What Is the West Virginia Motorcycle Helmet Law?

What Is the WV Helmet Law? | Colombo Law

There is no denying that riding a motorcycle can be dangerous. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), motorcyclists were 29 times more likely to die in an accident than passenger vehicle occupants […]

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