Before we tell you a little about us, we wanted to give you a little smile break first.

The messages and calls we’ve received from these videos have been overwhelming and incredibly positive. We just want to thank everyone who has reached out and as long as you continue to reach out, we’ll continue to share smile breaks.

Humble Beginnings

Colombo Law was founded in 1999 by Dino Colombo in Morgantown, West Virginia. Dino started the firm because he knew the havoc personal injuries and accidents could wreak on a family. Dino, and all of the attorneys at Colombo Law believe that everyone deserves to have their quality of life restored after such a traumatic event.

Colombo Law started by serving the victims who had suffered injuries in things like car accidents and truck accidents. In the early years, we were able to help many clients recover damages from the at-fault party who caused their injuries.

Over time, our dedication and commitment to the law became clear, when past clients, doctors, other attorneys, and even insurance company employees would refer their friends and family to us. Many of our clients have sent us referrals, not just because they were personally satisfied by the quality of our work, but because they are confident in our ability to help their loved ones get the compensation they deserve.

Colombo Law started as a small firm and grew to include seasoned attorneys with over 40 years of combined legal experience. Now, with offices in Morgantown, West Virginia and Columbus, Ohio, we have been able to expand our services and help injured victims.

At the end of the day, we want to help the members of our community who are suffering. Not only do we appreciate our clients, but we also respect them. We show this respect by extending the same kindness and compassion we would to our own family members. If you or a loved one have suffered an accident or injury, and you need help getting the compensation you deserve, contact the personal injury lawyers at Colombo Law. We are standing by to take your call at 888-860-1414 and help you schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

Our NO FEE Promise

Our No Fee Promise is simple: if we don’t help you collect damages after an accident or injury, you don’t owe us any fees.

You heard us right. Our consultations are free, and we will work on your case at no cost to you right up until the moment we settle or get a verdict in court. If you don’t collect damages after working with us, we won’t charge you a dime.

Why? Because we know that going to court and negotiating with insurance adjusters is intimidating. Unfortunately, it’s a process that often requires the help of a lawyer, and the last thing we want to do is discourage anyone from getting the legal help they need.

When you don’t have the burden of worrying about paying for legal services that may not be successful, you’re much more likely to solicit the help you need. This allows you to have the best chance of getting the compensation you deserve, without having to worry about paying fees if your claim isn’t successful.

Plus, because we charge this way, you can rest easy knowing you’re not just another claim to us; you’re a valued client who deserves the utmost in professionalism and courtesy.

Get the Colombo Advantage

Our firm has helped many clients get the compensation they deserve with the Colombo Advantage. This just means you have the benefit of working with personal injury lawyers that are experienced in all aspects of personal injury claims, litigation, and trials. We have a track record of going up against large, powerful insurance companies and recovering millions of dollars on behalf of our clients.

Not only does the Colombo Advantage give you access to our attorneys, but to an on-staff nurse consultant as well. These professionals can be invaluable in making sure your injuries are properly documented so that we can demonstrate your right to compensation. Whether you’ve been in a motorcycle accident, suffered a workplace injury, or have been the victim of nursing home neglect or abuse, our team is here to help.

Where Are You Located?

Community Outreach

Our attorneys truly value the importance of community involvement. We live this belief every day in our work and by reaching out to members of our communities in multiple ways.

One is through the Colombo Law Stop Distracted Driving Scholarship Program. This program debuted in 2017 and was a means for the team at Colombo Law to give back to the kids in our community. Colombo Law Stop Distracted Driving Scholarship Program is an opportunity for five talented high school seniors to earn $2,000 each for in-state college tuition by writing an essay about their own experiences with distracted driving and thoughts on how to stop it.

Another way we stay involved in our community is through the Colombo Law Helmet Truck. Designed to give free bike helmets to kids who need them, the Colombo Law Helmet Truck travels all over to attend events and educate kids on the importance of bicycle safety. In just two years, we’ve given out over 4,000 free helmets and can’t wait to continue this tradition throughout West Virginia and Ohio. If you’d like to find out more about having the Colombo Law Helmet Truck at your event, email us at [email protected].

Colombo Law Personal Injury Practice Areas

We serve victims who have suffered:

  • Car AccidentsThese incidents can leave and your family suffering physically, emotionally, and financially, but there’s no need to go through the fight for compensation alone.
  • Truck AccidentsTractor-trailers can inflict serious injuries, but if the negligence of the truck driver, their employer, or a manufacturer caused your accident, you may be able to receive compensation.
  • Distracted Driving AccidentsDistracted drivers are everywhere, and they claim thousands of lives each year. Don’t let a distracted driver get away with hurting you.
  • Work InjuriesYour employer has a duty to keep you safe, so if they don’t, you may be able to get help paying for your medical expenses after a work accident.
  • Motorcycle Accidents Motorcycles don’t offer drivers and riders much protection, leaving them vulnerable to serious injuries in the event of an accident.
  • Natural Gas Injuries Drilling and mining are dangerous careers that can cause life-threatening illnesses and injuries.
  • Asbestos and Mesothelioma Injuries Asbestos exposure is still surprisingly common and can leave victims with mesothelioma and a host of other lung diseases.
  • Birth Injuries If a doctor or nurse makes a mistake while your child is being born, they could suffer life-changing birth injuries like cerebral palsy.
  • Burn Injuries Burns can leave you suffering for weeks, and depending on how the accident happened, you may be able to get money from the at-fault party.
  • Dog Bite Injuries If you or your child were bitten by someone else’s dog, that person could be held responsible for your medical bills and therapy expenses.
  • Nursing Home Injuries Not all nursing home staff members are as attentive as you’d want, and some can commit neglect or abuse without you ever knowing.
  • Personal Injuries Negligent, reckless, or careless people who injured you have to be held responsible for their actions and the pain they caused you.
  • Premises Liability Injuries If the property you’re visiting isn’t properly maintained, you or a loved one could suffer a slip or fall that could seriously harm you.