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Caring, Compassionate Ohio and West Virginia Personal Injury Lawyers

There’s nothing easy about dealing with an accident or injury. You may be accumulating a mountain of medical bills and expenses. You may wonder how you will ever recover from this, physically, emotionally, or financially. You may even feel like you’re on your own or like there’s no hope.

At Colombo Law, we work with the victims of personal injury and property damage throughout West Virginia and Ohio. We’ve helped countless people who’ve felt like they were at a loss to find hope, peace, and financial compensation for their injuries and damages. Colombo Law can help.

With locations in Morgantown, WV and Columbus, OH, our attorneys are members of the local community who are passionate about helping their neighbors. We work with a variety of personal injury victims, including those who have suffered car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, work-related injuries, and more.

The team at Colombo Law combines compassionate care of our clients with an aggressive litigation strategy. We know that insurance companies, manufacturers of dangerous and defective products, and negligent employers don’t want to pay you what you deserve. It takes a legal team with a firm grasp of the legal system and years of education and experience to develop the vigor and zeal needed to get the kind of results we do.

If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident, you don’t have to go through the process of seeking compensation alone. The personal injury accident attorneys at Colombo Law work on a contingency fee basis, so you can move forward with your case knowing you don’t owe us anything unless we help you win. Get started, learn more, and find out if you have a case by scheduling a free consultation, contacting us online, or calling us toll free at 888-860-1414.

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