At Colombo Law, we place a high value on safety; not only for our clients but those in our communities as well. This doesn’t just extend to adults, but to kids as well.

Colombo Law Helmet Truck

Kids are only kids for a little while, and they deserve to enjoy their childhoods and have as much fun as possible. Many kids do this by riding bikes around their neighborhoods after school and on weekends. Unfortunately, not every child in our community has access to the most crucial safety measure a bicyclist can have: a helmet.

To make sure every kid can ride their bike safely, we started the Colombo Law Helmet Truck. Year round, our team travels to local events, fairs, and festivals; giving out free bike helmets all along the way. We’ve had the privilege of bringing the Colombo Law Helmet Truck many places, including the MedExpress Kids Day and the Barbour County Safety Fair.

We are thrilled to say that we have given our over 4,000 helmets to date, and hope to give out much more in the future.

Helmet Truck Schedule

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