Learn How Trucking Companies Choose Profit Over Safety from Dino's Feature in the book Fighting for Justice

We experience the benefits of the trucking industry in our lives every day. In an ideal world, the trucking industry would only be known for those positive uses, but time and again so many businesses choose profit over safety. This book is a guide to help you navigate the traumatic, stressful, and absolutely critical period after your accident. You'll learn:

  • Truck Accidents Aren't Like Other Accidents (p.10)
  • How Trucking Companies Get Around the Rules (p.13)
  • Fighting Back: Getting the Right Lawyer (p. 16)
  • Get a Lawyer Who Truly Understands the Regulations (p.17)
  • Get a Lawyer Who Has Access to the Best Experts (p.18)
  • Get a Lawyer with a Lot of Experience (p.22)
  • Get a Lawyer Who Cares (p.24)

Most truck accidents are preventable. It's time to hold trucking companies accountable. This book will help you fight back!

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Dino ColomboAbout The Author
Dino S. Colombo has been litigating complex personal injury and wrongful death cases for the past 26 years. Over those years, he has tried nearly 100 cases to verdict and has handled numerous appeals. His cases routinely involve permanent injury, such as brain injury or significant physical deformity. Residing in Morgantown, WV, Dino is an outdoorsman and avid traveler who enjoys spending time with his wife and two children.