Electrical Fires and Property Damage in West Virginia Apartments

Apartments provide a great lifestyle for individuals who are looking for the convenience of coming and going whenever they please and having little maintenance responsibilities for their living space. However, apartment living requires you to put your trust in a landlord to ensure that all of the maintenance needs are being maintained. This blind trust is even more risky when renting apartment units that are in old buildings. While some like the charm that these types of living environments provide, there is a huge risk for injuries and property damage that occur as a result of electrical fires. If you or your loved one has been injured in a West Virginia apartment fire, contact Colombo Law today.

Electrical Issues

Landlords have a duty to ensure that the leased premises are in a safe and habitable condition. In addition, they are responsible for maintaining the property to keep all electrical wires and outlets up to code. This limits the potential for fire hazards. However, when a property is not maintained properly, electrical fires frequently occur and cause serious injuries. The high risk of injury is a result of how quickly electrical wires spark and spread fire without notice to an apartment’s occupants. If your landlord has leased the premises to you in an unsafe condition which results in an apartment fire, you may be entitled to relief after brining a claim against him or her for negligence.

Property Damage

Property damage is another result of apartment fires. One downside of apartment living is how quickly a fire spreads to other apartments once it occurs. Fires cause major inconveniences, not only because they affect all individuals in the building, but also because they are extremely difficult to contain. In addition, individuals are always encouraged to leave all of their belongings behind when fleeing a building fire. Unfortunately, this means that there is a potential and high likelihood of your property being destroyed. Property damage often occurs as a result of fire, smoke, or water coming into contact with your belongings. Renters are always encouraged, and in some cases required, to maintain renter’s insurance to protect themselves and others in these circumstances.

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