What Is the Dram Shop Law in West Virginia?

The purpose of the dram shop law in West Virginia twofold. First, it aims to minimize the number of injuries caused by drunk driving and other incidents involving alcohol. Second, it provides the victims of […]

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Is It Hard to Prove Negligence?

Gavel and law books on personal injury law | Colombo Law

Broadly speaking, negligence in personal injury law refers to fault. To recover compensation, you need to prove that the defendant owed you a duty, breached their duty, and that breach proximately caused your injuries and […]

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Who Is Responsible If a Truck Is Overloaded?

Trucks ready for cargo at the loading dock | Colombo Law

An overloaded truck accident is incredibly serious and dangerous. Excess weight puts a strain on the brakes, tires, and overall structure, making the truck much more likely to crash. It also increases the chances of […]

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Can I Sue After Being Hit by a Semi Truck?

Suing for a Semi Truck Accident Injury | Colombo Law

Semi trucks are massive, heavy vehicles that can cause serious damage in the event of an accident. Being involved in a crash with a semi is often a traumatic experience. Due to the serious injuries […]

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