What to Do If a Car Accident Was Not Your Fault

In an Accident Caused by Someone Else? | Colombo Law

Your morning drive to work or a family road trip can end in severe injuries from a car accident through no fault of your own. The negligent actions of another driver can permanently alter your […]

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What Mechanical Defects Cause Car Accidents?

How Vehicle Defects Can Cause a Car Accident | Colombo Law

We place a great deal of trust in the integrity of our vehicles. Drivers often travel at high speeds on a regular basis without giving it a second thought. Most of the time, this trust […]

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Are Truck Drivers Liable for Accidents?

When Is the Truck Driver Liable for a Crash? | Colombo Law

Out of all of the vehicle accidents that happen daily, truck accidents are some of the most dangerous. These crashes result in injuries and fatalities at a much higher rate than accidents involving passenger vehicles. […]

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Can I Handle a Personal Injury Claim on My Own?

Do You Need to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney? | Colombo Law

Let’s start with the straightforward answer to this question: Yes, you can handle your personal injury claim on your own. There is no law or regulation that requires claimants to hire legal representation. However, the […]

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