Medical Malpractice in West Virginia

There are hundreds of thousands of instances of medical malpractice each year which vary in nature because of the broad range of practice areas and specialties. In general, the number of personal injury claims has steadily increased in the recent years, which has made the legislature and juries skeptical about awarding damages. While there are some measures that have been made, our attorneys believe that every individual should obtain the full amount of compensation they deserve. At Colombo Law, our attorneys work to ensure that our reputation of honesty and integrity is maintained in all cases which is why our clients obtain the maximum relief possible in medical malpractice cases. For experienced representation, contact Colombo Law.

Common Medical Malpractice Claims

The following lists frequent causes of medical malpractice claims in West Virginia and throughout the nation:

  • Failure to Diagnose or Misdiagnosis: Failing to diagnose or diagnosing a patient with the wrong illness is all too common as many illnesses have common symptoms. Malpractices arises because the delay in treatment often results in injury to the patients as their undiagnosed illness progressively worsens. In addition, providing medications to treat a patient for an illness they do not have usually causes unintended consequences by creating an imbalance in the body and putting the patient at even more risk. In these cases liability may result if another reasonably prudent doctor would have considered the illness with the same or substantially similar circumstances present.
  • Surgical Errors: Many medical malpractice claims are a result of surgical errors. Surgical errors often stem from performing surgery at the wrong location such as performing a surgery on the left arm or right leg instead of the intended arm or leg, performing the intended surgery on the incorrect individuals, leaving surgical tools in a patient, and other errors during a surgical procedure causing damage to a patient’s nerve, organ, or bodily function. Surgical errors are often unnoticed until several weeks or months later when their patient starts experiencing complications.
  • Medication Errors: Medication errors are particularly dangerous and damaging to patients. If a medical provider administers medication, that provider must consider any known allergies or medications that may conflict with medications which are already being administered. Also, doctors must ensure that the correct dosage is listed on the prescription. Otherwise, an overdose may occur and cause a fatality. Prescription errors are also common, exposing many doctors to malpractice suits because of inattention to detail and lacking knowledge of the interplay between medications.

Contact Colombo Law for Your Medical Malpractice Needs

If you or someone you know have suffered complications due to the medical malpractice of another you deserve compensation. Contact an experienced attorney at Colombo Law to determine what your rights are. During an initial consultation, one of our personal injury attorneys will review the facts and circumstances surrounding your claim to determine whether you have a valid claim. If you have a valid claim for recovery, you will leave our office with an understanding of the process for filing a medical malpractice claim.

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