Importance of Medical Experts in Personal Injury Claims

Each year, thousands of individuals are injured in everyday accidents, some of which are devastating to their families and loved ones. The consequences of an accident are often complex and impact the victim’s ability to care for him or herself, earn an income, and pay for medical care. When injured in an accident or incident, you deserve the maximum amount of compensation. Our attorneys want to help you obtain monetary compensation to help you rebuild after an injury or car accident. For a no-risk initial consultation, contact Colombo Law today.

Why Hire a Medical Expert?

Medical experts are important to have when the facts and circumstance of injuries sustained in an accident are not easily understood by those without specialized knowledge. Medical experts are required to have special knowledge and skill in the area in which they testify and are hired to explain technical information to people using common language. This is important to help establish the credibility of the injured party. Testimony of medical experts is often given greater consideration by the jury because they are considered neutral parties. Neutral parties do not have a stake in the claim and are not impacted regardless of whether the injured party wins the case.

Some cases in which medical expert testimony may be necessary includes:

  • When an expert is necessary to explain an injury and the impact the injury has on an individual’s health, ability to recover, and long term treatment options.
  • When an expert is necessary to explain why a more extensive or more costly form of treatment was necessary to correct an issue.
  • When an expert is necessary to explain the treatment process including an explanation of the surgical procedure itself.

How Much do Experts Cost?

Unfortunately, the price of a medical expert is not a set fee. Many medical experts charge an hourly fee to review a case. The fee typically increases when there is a court appearance required. While the cost of using an expert can quickly add up, our attorneys are sure to only hire experts when their testimony is essential. In addition, it is important to understand that personal injury cases are taken on a contingency basis. This means that you will not have to pay for costs associated with the case unless you win. The upfront fees are paid by our attorneys so you can rest assured that we minimize the costs involved in a case when possible.

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