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Each year, more vehicles enter the market with options and features that are claimed to be the best on the market. This pattern of putting the very best out for public use is required to match the purchase price for vehicles as they become more and more expensive, as well as sales becoming more competitive. In today’s marketplace, where features such as automated driving become typical, determining what went wrong and who has the ultimate liability after a car crash may become difficult. If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident or incident involving an automated car, contact Colombo Law today. Our car accident lawyers are happy to meet with you during a risk free initial consultation.

Types of Automated Features on the Market Today

There are a few different types of automated features that you can find in a motor vehicle today. However, the change in the industry allows automation to reach new levels every year. Some common types of automated features include:

  • Automatic Headlights: Many manufactures wire headlights so that they turn on or off depending on whether there is enough light outside. This feature is possible because of a sensor located in the instrument panel of a vehicle.
  • Automatic Parking: Some manufactures have created automatic parking. When this occurs, sensors on the vehicle allow it to park completely hands-free.
  • Self-driving cars: Self-driving cars allow complete hands-free operation. These vehicles are known to take you to your destination accelerating, braking, and making turns as the road requires.

Dangers of Automatic Features

The intent behind many automatic driving features is to add convenience and safety for purchasers. With precision, automated cars take the guess work out of user interaction with vehicles. However, it is often found to be dangerous when human interaction is removed. While sensors can often deliver precision, when something malfunctions, the results can be catastrophic.

A major legal concern arises when automatic features of a car malfunction. This area of the law has not yet been developed and very little precedence exists. Car manufacturers often try to shift the legal liability from themselves by arguing that human interaction is still necessary at all times. However, our experienced legal counsel can help you recover just compensation against a manufacturer or responsible party that causes you damages in an accident.

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