Every year, parents across the world worry about the many ways in which their children can be harmed. Parents try to protect their children by holding their hands when they cross the street or watching them as they play outside. However, each day children are injured in ways that parents often least expect – from the use of toys. In fact, a 2016 report indicated that there were more than 200,000 toy-related injuries to children in 2015. Accidents or incidents involving toys that cause injuries to children are often devastating to children and their families. If your child has been injured while playing with a toy, you may be entitled to relief for the damages your child sustained. To determine your rights to relief, contact Colombo Law today for a risk-free initial consultation.

Causes of Injuries

When injuries occur to children, they are sometimes solely the result of unfortunate circumstances. However, our attorneys have found that children are often injured due to negligence by one or more parties. Many companies test toys to ensure they meet a variety of different standards, all with the goal of safety in mind. However, injuries occur despite these safety tests. One type of injury occurs because of design defects. When a design defect occurs, it is not because of a malfunction in the production process. Instead, everything is manufactured and functions as intended. Instead, the design itself is what poses a hazard to children. These situations are particularly unfortunate as there are injuries that occur to hundreds of kids at one time.

Another cause of injuries involves manufacturing defects. Manufacturing defects occur when an issue occurs while the product is being made. They typically occur as a result of a problem with the equipment used to make a product. When manufacturing defects occur, injuries can occur to the end user of the product. However, these are less common than injuries that occur because of a design defect. In addition, some products may work properly while others malfunction.

Finally, injuries can occur as a result of negligence due to the failure to warn of the dangers of using the product. This form of negligence commonly causes injuries to children. Companies are required to warn customers of factors that can cause harm, including using the product before the recommended age range, whether the products presents a choking hazard, and other key warnings.

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