Forced Settlements Personal Injury Case

Each year there are thousands of personal injury cases as a result of accidents or incidents involving injuries to a person or his or her property. Many personal injury actions that are filed settle prior to trial. This provides many people with the convenience of receiving compensation quickly and avoiding a long, drawn-out trial process. However, in some cases, one party may attempt to force another into an undesirable settlement against his or her will. This may result in a less favorable outcome than the injured party would otherwise receive. If you or your loved one has been injured in an accident or incident in the state of West Virginia, be sure to contact one of our experienced attorneys at Colombo Law to ensure that you or your loved one is obtaining just compensation for any injuries incurred.

Forced Settlement by Opposing Parties

When another party attempts to force you to settle your personal injury case, it creates unnecessary pressure and can damage an entire case. While forced settlements by opposing parties can happen in any type of personal injury case, they are more likely to occur when a personal injury victim is unrepresented by legal counsel. This is because parties who are represented have little to no communication with opposing parties and their attorneys. It is important to understand that you should not agree to a settlement merely because of pressure from an opposing party, as their interest is always adverse to your interest. If you do settle under this type of pressure, you may become stuck with unintended consequences and an undesirable outcome.

Forced Settlement by Your Attorney

A lawyer cannot force you to settle your case. Ultimately, if you or your loved one and your representative disagree on the value of the settlement or its terms, you as the injured party have the final decision. If your attorney is forcing you or your loved one to enter into a settlement despite your wishes, you have the option to terminate representation. In addition, you have the option to tell your attorney that you wish to proceed to trial. Although your attorney may not force you to settle, there are other potential consequences that may occur from the decision to not settle. One important thing to remember is that your attorney also may decide to withdraw from the case. Many times, attorneys assign a value to a case. In the event that you and your attorney disagree on a value that is being offered, you and your attorney should first discuss all of the pros and cons to the settlement offer.

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