The Dangers of Self-Driving Vehicles: Tesla's Autopilot Death

In recent years, there has been a frenzy of conversation about where the car industry is headed. With talks of modernizing cars to be self-driving Tesla and other motor vehicle manufacturers have been working to produce cars that have the ability to self-navigate when a feature called autopilot is turned on. While the phenomenon is very new, regulations have been put in place to ensure basic standards of safety. However, with the development of new designs and features it is difficult to assess the safety of these features. If you or someone you know has purchased a product and are later injured by that product, you need to speak with an experienced attorney at Colombo Law. Our car accident lawyers are available to meet with you to determine your rights to relief.

What Happened that Caused the Driver’s Death?

Since the time of Tesla’s autopilot release, there have been a couple of deaths for which the autopilot feature is being linked to the cause of death. In Florida, Joshua Brown lost his life after a tractor-trailer turned in front of him. Instead of the vehicle coming to a screeching stop, the vehicle plowed forward striking the truck and passing underneath it. To the surprise of many, the motor vehicle continued to drive and hit several objects before coming to a stop.

What Happened as a Result of the Crash?

A representative for Tesla called the accident a tragedy. Tesla also acknowledge the malfunction could be possible, indicating that the autopilot feature is “not perfect” and requires drivers to be alert at all times. Representatives acknowledged that the autopilot features are still not the finished product. The accident has prompted investigation into the vehicle’s safety.

Can Tesla Be Responsible for the Driver’s Death?

Yes, Tesla may be found liable for the driver’s death and be required to pay monetary damages. Products liability claims arise when a manufacturer’s product is not fit for its intended use. Because the vehicle’s auto-pilot feature is designed to operate without a manual operator, malfunctions that occur due to the vehicles failure to brake or detect objects nearby give rise to products liability claims.

Colombo Law: Your West Virginia Personal Injury Lawyers

While car manufacturers are always on the lookout for ways to make their vehicle more modernized, new, or cutting edge, great discretion is necessary to determine whether the features being put on the market does not put consumers life and safety in jeopardy. When products are prematurely put on the market or result in injuries, Colombo Law can assist you in recovering damages for your injuries.

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