Worn Tires and Car Accidents in West Virginia

There are millions of licensed drivers in the United States and even more motor vehicles being driven on streets and highways throughout the country. While there are several safety hazards presented to travelers because of driver negligence, one of the most dangerous hazards are presented when vehicle owners fail to maintain their vehicles. One such safety hazard exists from failing to maintain tires. Worn tires occur over time for a variety of reasons including insufficient tread, cracks in the sidewall, and misalignment. If you or your loved one has been injured in an accident or incident caused by an issue with another driver’s tires, contact Colombo Law today for a risk-free initial consultation.

Dangers of Worn Tires

When purchasing tires, keep an eye out for the descriptive label most tires have that indicates the maximum amount of mileage the specific tire can safely travel. Many individuals travel beyond that suggested mileage without switching their tires. However, when tires are driven over the recommended mileage, the potential for accidents increases for several reasons. More common reasons include tire blowouts and weather conditions.

  • Tire blowouts: Tires with low thread counts are more susceptible to punctures. Punctures can occur for a variety of reasons, such as debris left in the roadway or potholes. When blowouts occur, there is a high potential that the operator will lose control of the vehicle.
  • Weather Conditions: When road conditions are wet, icy, or extremely cold, worn tires create a higher risk of an accident. Common incidents related to weather conditions include sliding off of the roadway, hydroplaning, and deflation of tires.

Responsible Parties

Determining who to sue in a personal injury action is a difficult decision that must be strategically planned. Generally, lawsuits may only be brought against negligent parties who are responsible in whole or in part for your injuries. In cases of accidents caused by worn tires, the vehicle owner is usually the responsible individual. However, multiple parties may be responsible in some instances. One scenario in which there may be multiple parties responsible is when owners have purchased their tires from a used tire shop. While the premise behind these shops are to offer low-priced tires, business owners must take care in ensuring that tires purchased are safe for consumer use. Otherwise, they may also be the subject of litigation in the event of an accident or incident.

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