Workplace Accidents in West Virginia Restaurants

Workers compensation claims are the result of accidents or incidents that occur on a day to day basis. Each year, there are thousands of workers’ compensation claims filed and, unfortunately, many are denied for a variety of reasons. In many cases, a lawyer is not contacted until the claimant receives a letter denying compensation. However, hiring an attorney at the onset of a claim can reduce headaches and potentially save your claim altogether. If you or your loved one has been injured in a workplace accident in the state of West Virginia, contact Colombo Law today.

Top Restaurant Injury Hazards in West Virginia

Restaurants present many hazards that can harm or seriously injure employees. The most common restaurant workplace injuries include:

Slip and falls: Restaurants are extremely fast paced environments. Spills from drinks and substances on the floor often create multiple hazards in the workplace. In fact, slip and falls are a common source of workplace injuries for restaurants. Restaurants also present hazards to employees when adverse weather conditions arise. Store employees are often responsible for keeping the premises safe for customer use and enjoyment. Often times, customers bring water and snow inside with them, creating slick surfaces in the most commonly traveled areas. When employees are unaware of these dangerous conditions, they become victim to the very thing they try to avoid. If you are a victim of a slip and fall accident, our attorneys want to help you obtain compensation.

Burns: Burns are another major source of worker’s compensation claims for restaurant employees. Workers suffer from burns that range in severity from those minor in nature to those that are debilitating. Many times, restaurant workers are injured by burns as a result of hot surfaces and chemicals. Burns from open flames are a common source of injury among restaurant workers as well as those that occur from handling hot plates and cast iron skillets.

There are a wide variety of products that restaurant workers use to maintain the facility. Chemical burns are often serious burns because most employees do not realize they have been burned until a significant amount of time elapses.

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