Understanding Attorney-Client Confidentiality

Each year attorneys handle millions of cases involving complicated areas of law. During these cases, attorneys have access to extremely sensitive personal information regarding clients’ illnesses, injuries, and hardships sustained as a result of an accident or incident. While speaking with an attorney about these personal details are difficult to do, providing complete and accurate information is necessary to allow an attorney to effectively assist you with a personal injury claim. Not only are our attorneys obligated to keep your communications confidential, the attorneys at Colombo Law recognize the difficulty of sharing sensitive information and are cognizant of the unique position we serve. If you or your loved one has been injured in an accident or incident in the state of West Virginia, contact Colombo Law today.

What is Attorney-Client Confidentiality?

Attorney-client confidentiality provides a wide range of benefits for clients. Attorney-client confidentiality rules are set forth in the Rules of Professional Responsibility, which governs an attorney’s ethical obligations. It prohibits attorneys from disclosing any information obtained in the course of representation. There are several things that attorney client confidentiality rules cover, including:

  • Information disclosed during consultations;
  • All communications between you and your attorney and their staff;
  • Documents provided to your attorney or their staff;

The rules regarding confidentiality continue to be in effect throughout representation and even after representation ends. This means that confidentiality continues even if you are no longer a client of the firm.

Importance of Attorney-Client Confidentiality

Attorney-client confidentiality extends to all clients, no matter what type of legal matter you are securing representation for. There are a variety of reasons why attorney-client confidentiality is beneficial. No one wants their personal information provided to others and attorneys often obtain sensitive documents and details regarding life. In addition, the attorneys who represent clients are often from the same geographical area or the local community. It is likely that many contacts know each other through a series of interrelated people. Regardless, our attorneys maintain a completely professional practice and protect all of your communications.

Exceptions to Attorney Client Confidentiality

There are very few exceptions that allow you to breach attorney client confidentiality. If you have communicated a threat that is dangerous to the life of another, an attorney may have to breach confidentiality and communicate your plan to proper law enforcement officials. However, aside from some very limited situations, attorney client confidentiality must be kept.

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