Understanding Key Individuals in a Personal Injury Case

During a personal injury case, there are many individuals present in the courtroom who are connected to the case in some way. While some clients have a clear understanding of the different players in a personal injury action, others are unclear and overwhelmed by the number of people present on a day that is crucial to their future security. The attorneys at Colombo Law believe that it is important to have a clear understanding of the different roles people will play in a personal injury matter. If you or your loved one has been injured in an accident or incident within West Virginia and would like more information on your rights and responsibilities, contact Colombo Law today for a no-risk initial consultation.

Aside from the judge and the jury, who are undoubtedly the most important individuals in any personal injury matter because of their decision making authority, there are several individuals who play a major role in personal injury actions. These individuals include:


A plaintiff is the party who initiates a personal injury lawsuit. Plaintiff(s) are typically one or more individuals who have standing to bring a claim due to injuries that caused damages or rules allowing the individual to bring a claim on behalf of another individual. In cases where the personal injury case is successful, the plaintiff will recover damages which are monetary in nature.


A defendant is the individual(s) who are being sued in a personal injury action. In some cases, naming defendants becomes complicated as there may be several individuals who are responsible for the injuries caused to the plaintiff(s). It is important to note that a defendant is not always the individual who pays when they are found negligent. For instance, in a car accident, the person who hit your vehicle and caused damages may not be responsible for payment if they were insured and are covered for the full amount of your damages. In the case described above, the insurance company will be named as a defendant along with the at-fault party.


Witnesses are the most crucial individuals in a personal injury action. Witnesses are individuals who either have personal knowledge or specialized skill, training, or expertise to qualify the individual as an expert in a case. Witness testimony in a case is the most crucial evidence as eyewitness testimony often provides a jury with an unbiased account of what occurred. Expert witnesses vary vastly depending on the type of issues involved in the personal injury action. Medical experts are just one type of expert but are beneficial in explaining injuries caused as a result of an accident that would not otherwise be understood by a jury.

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