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After a truck accident, finances often become an immediate concern. Not only are you facing medical bills and property damage expenses, but you might not be able to work, which could have a significant impact on your income.

For truck accident victims, this can be a difficult, overwhelming situation. Some claimants accept low-ball settlement offers from insurance companies to receive financial help as quickly as possible.

While accepting less than you need and deserve might be a concern, many think that hiring a lawyer to defend their rights may just burden them with additional expenses. And yet, when you understand how truck accident attorneys are paid and how much they can improve the outcome of your case, it becomes clear why hiring an attorney is usually the best course of action.

Here, we are going to take a look at how and when truck accident lawyers are paid for their work, which we hope clarifies what you should expect when working with an attorney. If you have any questions about how the truck accident lawyers at Colombo Law charge for our legal services, we are more than happy to give you honest, straightforward answers.

Your Initial Consultation Is Free

The first thing you should know is that consultations with injury attorneys are typically free. This gives you the opportunity to discuss your situation with an experienced, qualified lawyer who can help you better understand your options. It also gives you the chance to ask any questions you might have about how lawyers structure their fees, when they require payment, and if they think you have a viable claim – all without having to pay anything upfront.

While there is surely no shortage of information online, the best advice and insight is always given when it can be tailored to your situation, especially considering you have nothing to lose. This is why, even if you are not sure if you have a viable case, it is always best to reach out to an attorney to discuss your legal rights and options after a truck accident.

Your Lawyer Advances the Costs

When building a case, there are costs involved above and beyond your lawyer’s time. For example, hiring an expert to develop an accident reconstruction model could give you a better chance of winning, but doing so is not free. Nor is it cheap.

Luckily, when you work with a truck accident lawyer, the firm should be willing to cover these types of fees for you. With this arrangement, you do not face a greater financial burden to pursue compensation for your injuries and damages.

You Only Pay a Fee If Your Case Is Successful

Most personal injury firms work on what is called a contingency fee basis. This means they only require payment if they recover compensation for you, at which point their fees are typically a percentage of the total compensation won. At Colombo Law, we call this our No Fee Promise.

This type of arrangement is ideal for truck accident victims because it means they risk nothing by working with a truck accident lawyer. Your attorney will pursue maximum compensation on your behalf, and your fee will be calculated from the amount recovered.

Hiring a Lawyer Can Improve the Amount of Your Recovery

Usually, contingency fees are around 30 percent. So, for example, if you collect $100,000 in damages, your attorney’s fees would be around $30,000.

While this might sound like a lot, there is a good chance you will still end up with more compensation than you would have recovered if you tried to handle the case on your own.

Attorneys at insurance companies are very good at fighting claims – especially claims that involve significant damages, like most truck accident claims – and they will try to pay you as little compensation as possible. By hiring a truck accident lawyer, you will have a skilled negotiator of your own who knows how to prevent the insurance companies from taking advantage of you.

After a truck accident, it is difficult to know what you deserve, and it is very difficult to know if an insurance company is being honest. Working with a lawyer will even the playing field and give you the representation you need to fight back. Also, if your case goes to trial, you will be able to rely on your attorney to present your case in court with an understanding of what it takes to achieve a favorable result.

Contact a Truck Accident Lawyer Today

At Colombo Law, a significant portion of the cases we handle are semi truck accident claims. We have helped many clients in Morgantown and throughout West Virginia pursue the compensation they need and deserve after being injured in truck accidents due to someone else’s negligence.

We understand that knowing what to do and whom to trust after a truck accident can be extremely stressful. Our mission is to make it as easy as possible on your family while doing everything we can to help.

Please call (304) 599-4229 today to get started on your case. Your initial consultation is free, and our truck accident lawyers do not charge a fee unless and until we recover fair compensation on your behalf.

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