Top Personal Injury Questions

Personal injuries are unfortunate incidents that many individuals suffer each day. What is often more unfortunate is the confusion that results after an injury. Those who are injured are unsure of the best course of action. The personal injury attorneys at Colombo Law have held many client consultations and have answered a broad range of questions during each consultation. The following is a list of some common questions asked during personal injury meetings.

How Much Will My Case Cost?

Personal injury cases are often taken on a contingency basis. This is a standard practice for many personal injury law firms, including Colombo Law. In practice, a contingency fee is a fee obtained in the event of a favorable outcome, usually a percentage of the amount of recovery. If you do not win your case, the attorney will not recover any fees. Contingency fees vary. Typically, a contingency fee is one percentage if it does not require a trial. A higher percentage is obtained if the case goes to trial.

Colombo Law is the only law firm with the no fee promise.

How Long Does a Personal Injury Action Take to be Resolved?

After an injury, victims of accidents or incidents want to get back into their daily routines. Telephone calls with lawyers, court appointments, and other meetings interrupt their daily life activities. Because of this, prospective clients rightfully want to know how quickly their case will conclude.

Unfortunately, there is no definitive time frame in which a case concludes. The length of time a case takes will depend on whether a settlement is reached or whether the case proceeds to trial. Settlement is the quickest way to bring a case to its conclusion. However, settlement is not always the best option. The attorneys at Colombo Law ensure that our clients are informed every step of the way as we find that uncertainty is often the triggering issue.

Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

Personal injury clients often believe that their cases are straightforward and the event itself provides a clear representation of what occurred. However, even the most simple case can become complex when up against a law firm that represents a supermarket, insured party, or other corporate entity. In addition, having the knowledge of an experienced attorney at Colombo Law ensures that you have the best probability of success and obtain the maximum relief possible. Without an attorney, settlement offers are often much less. Regardless of your intention, you should speak with an experienced attorney to ensure that any compensation offered is adequate for your injuries.

What Can I Do to Make My Case Stronger?

Many injured parties do not keep adequate records. Keeping adequate records will ensure that you have all of the documentation to prove your claim. In addition, you should schedule and keep any necessary doctor’s appointments to be certain that you do not contribute to your injury by neglecting the treatment and rehabilitative schedule. Finally, you should speak with an attorney as soon as possible to ensure that you are preserving your claim. If you fail to file a claim on time, you may lose the right to bring an action. Contact Colombo Law today for more information.

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