The Effect of a Pre-existing Injury on Your Claim

Millions of men, women, and children enter the hospital on a yearly basis to obtain services for injuries that occur for a variety of reasons. Many of these injuries are a result of unfortunate encounters. The impact of these encounters could have lasting consequences on one’s physical health. However in many other cases personal injury claims are filed as a result of accidents or incidents caused by another individual’s negligence involving vehicles, medical professionals, construction workers, business owners and more. It is also an unfortunate reality that many Americans suffer more than one accident in their lifetime, furthering the harm done by a prior injury. It is sometimes difficult to decipher the cause of the damages from one accident to the next accident.

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What are Pre-Existing Conditions?

Pre-existing conditions are injuries that have occurred prior to the date of the accident or incident giving rise to the lawsuit in question. In accidents or incidents a party with preexisting injuries may be more susceptible to new injuries. Prior injuries may also trigger further aggravation of a certain medical condition.

Effect of Pre-Existing Claims on Later Litigation

Preexisting injuries add complexity to personal injury cases, as negligent parties often try to attribute new injuries to the preexisting conditions to deflect the severity of the case. An experienced attorney is required to handle personal injury cases involving preexisting injuries. Without the help of experienced attorneys, your monetary damages could unnecessarily be reduced.

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Preexisting injuries make a personal injury claim more complex, but an experienced attorney will strategically place you on your way to obtaining the monetary relief that you deserve. Our attorneys will help you investigate a personal injury claim and determine the amount of responsibility caused by any negligent parties.

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