Hazardous Workplace Materials in Construction Jobs

Throughout periods of our history, products were available that were thought to be cutting edge. Some of these products were used in homes and commercial buildings at a widespread level throughout the United States. Over time, the harmful consequences of these materials in the products became known and laws were passed to put an end to their use. However, nothing required homeowners to remove the harmful materials that were present in the ceilings, plumbing, and on the walls of these homes. Today, construction workers encounter these products while on the job remodeling and inspecting homes. If you or your loved one has been injured by a harmful substance present on a job site, contact Colombo Law to determine your rights to relief.

Asbestos Poisoning Injuries

Asbestos was a common material used in building homes from 1950-1990. Asbestos becomes dangerous when its fibers are released in the area. While many families are not aware that the harmful materials are present in their homes, construction workers frequently encounter asbestos when renovating buildings, exposing them to the harmful particles. Once asbestos is in the open air, construction works are prone to inhaling it. Asbestos has been known to have several negative consequences to your health, particularly to the lungs. Health consequences can include mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbestosis (scarring of the lung).

Lead Poisoning Injuries

Lead was extremely popular to used in the 1900s until state and federal laws were enacted that banned the use of the highly toxic product. By then, many consumers had lead in several parts of their homes such as the plumbing and paint. Exposure to lead is extremely dangerous. It has negative effects on nearly every part of one’s body. Exposure to lead can lead to:

  • Cognitive impairments in children
  • Mental retardation
  • Permanent damage to the kidneys
  • Inability to reproduce
  • Negative affect on red blood cells and bones
  • Death

 Mercury Poisoning Injuries

Mercury is a highly toxic material that can enter into the body through absorption through one’s skin, mouth, or lungs. Mercury poisoning has a harmful effect on the brain, lungs, and kidneys. It can cause learning disabilities, speech and hearing impairments, vision problems, negative effects on one’s muscles, and problems with coordination.

Contact Colombo Law

When you or your loved one has been injured on the job from coming in contact with a hazardous material, you need to speak with a personal injury lawyer about your rights to relief. Many times contact with chemicals and other hazardous materials has unintended consequences that go well beyond the immediate signs of illness you are presenting. The long-term effect on your health can be devastating. Contact Colombo Law today for a risk-free initial consultation to get you or your loved one the assistance that is deserved.

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