Golf Course Injuries in West Virginia

A day out on the golf course is often a relaxing time spent with family and friends. However, there are times when golf accidents occur and cause significant injuries to the individuals involved. If you or your loved one has been injured in an accident or incident on the golf range, it is important to quickly access the injury and obtain medical treatment to ensure the injuries sustained do not have significant consequences that may not be outwardly apparent. If you have sustained injuries as a result of negligence, contact Colombo Law to determine your rights to relief. The personal injury attorneys at Colombo Law are available to assist you during a no-risk initial consultation.

What are the Hazards?

Many of the things associated with golf present hazards to those involved. Hazards on the course include:

  • Flying golf balls: Golf balls present one of the largest hazards to others on the course, regardless of whether you are near or far. The average speed of golf balls on the course may be faster than 137 miles per hour.
  • Golf pucks: When swinging a golf puck, there is a potential to hit yourself or someone else. These types of incidents account for a number of accidents.
  • Golf carts: There are also incidents with golf carts which has led to hitting another individual or being thrown from the passenger compartment. This is the result of the cart not functioning properly.

Who are the Most Vulnerable?

Bringing children to the course is often frowned upon. While many do not like children on the course for reasons related to speed and efficiency, children are at a higher risk due to the dangerous nature of golf and their general inexperience. Thus, the general risks presented to all individuals on the golf course are heightened, making children more prone to injuries. In fact, children are injured on courses at alarming rates. Children must be watched carefully when on the course; this is difficult when a parent is attempting to participate in the fun.

There are a number of safety tips that should be followed on the golf course. To protect you and your loved ones, you should read and follow all safety tips.

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