Financial Consequences of a Dog Bite

A dog bite can be a traumatic experience that results in serious bodily injury or even a fatality. Not only does it cause a fear and mistrust of animals in the victim, but there is also a huge financial impact associated with the injuries sustained when a dog attacks an unsuspecting victim. Many dog bites result in a visit to the emergency room. When the injuries are particularly severe, surgical procedures may be necessary to reverse the damage and ensure a speedy recovery. If you or your loved one has been injured in a dog bite incident in the state of West Virginia, you need an experienced personal injury attorney to assist you in filing a personal injury claim, contact Colombo Law today.

In a personal injury claim, you can recover monetary compensation for your injuries. Some common expenses for which monetary recovery is obtained includes:

  • Medical Expenses: Medical expenses are one of the most common reasons for filing an action after being bitten by a dog in the state of West Virginia. This is because medical expenses can quickly add up after a dog bite injury. In all dog bite cases, medical treatment should be, and often is, sought to ensure an infection does not develop. Many cases require stitches as a form of medical treatment for deep puncture wounds. In addition, dog bites often require victims to obtain rounds of shots to protect them from any infectious diseases that the animal may have carried. After immediate care is obtained, some victims are required to seek additional care to rectify the harm suffered, such as plastic surgery.
  • Lost Wages: Lost wages are another financial consequence of a dog bite injury for which you or your loved one deserves compensation. When a dog bite injury occurs, there is a lot that must be done to treat the injuries sustained. The period of missed work during recovery is often the lengthiest period of time. However, reporting the incident to authorities, doctor’s visits, and many follow up phone calls and care requires you to take additional time away from work. It is important to keep record of the amount of time missed from work so that you may seek and obtain compensation for your reduction of income while recovering from your injuries.
  • Mental Health Care: Often times, your physical health is not the only thing in need of repair after a dog bite injury. Many times, victims are required to obtain counseling services for the trauma experienced after a dog attack. Not only should you obtain compensation for the out-of-pocket costs to see mental health professionals, but you may be able to obtain compensation for the emotional damage the unfortunate incident caused, as well.

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