Top Safety Hazards in Daycare Facilities

Placing your child in a daycare facility is no easy feat. Many parents engage in a lot of research before picking the perfect place, viewing several facilities, reading reviews, obtaining recommendations, and reviewing finances. After picking the facility you believe best suits your family’s needs, you and your loved one may feel more at ease under the belief that your child will be safe while in another’s care. However, there may be something you are missing. Daycare facilities can, and often do, present hazards to children. Looking for hazards while touring a facility can save you from potentially devastating consequences. If you or your loved one’s child has become the victim of a daycare injury, contact Colombo Law today.

The most common hazards to look for in a daycare facility include:

  • Falling Objects: Falling objects are a major source of concern at daycare centers. Items falling from high surfaces present significant hazards to children. In addition, heavy objects should be kept out of common areas that children play in. Bookshelves, heavy tables, and other heavy equipment present hazards to children due to the high risk of them falling over. Falling objects have been associated with causing traumatic brain injuries in children and, in many cases, alter the quality of life that children can attain.
  • Choking: Choking is the leading cause of death among children under the age of 14. Walking through the facility, you should be looking for small objects lying around that may present hazards to any children in attendance. Toys like marbles, balls, and small animals may pose danger. You should also inquire about meal plans if your child is within the age range of consuming solid foods. This is because some foods are known to more commonly present choking hazards to children. For example, foods such as popcorn, peanuts, grapes, and hard candy are known to cause problems. In fact, a child lunch time favorite is hot dogs, but they have just the right consistency to makes it a high choke hazard for children.

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