Dangers of Backing Up

We often hear about serious car accidents occurring on streets, interstate highways, and other major roadways. These accidents may cause bodily injury or extensive damage to property. While more serious accidents tend to attract more attention in the news, there are other types of accidents that occur more frequently and can lead to devastating consequences. Collisions that occur when backing your vehicle out of its location are incredibly common, and they are something everyone who drives will experience at one point or another. If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident or incident that resulted from the negligence of another, contact Colombo Law today. Our attorneys are available to meet you for an initial consultation to determine your rights to compensation.

Common Accidents when Backing Up

There are thousands of accidents caused each year by a motorist backing up. Some common accidents caused when an individual is backing up include:

  • Motor Vehicle Collisions: These collisions are often the fault of the individual backing out of the space. Many times, these accidents occur because drivers are unaware of a vehicle that is coming or is not paying attention to their surroundings. Although camera devices are now being placed in vehicles to assist individuals while backing up, accidents still occur. This is because the cameras help reduce, but do not eliminate, the blind spots that exist on motor vehicles. In addition, the speed at which other vehicles travel through parking lots, or past drivers, creates added dangers.
  • Accidents involving Children: According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, over 15,000 injuries and 267 deaths occur each year as a result of back-up accidents. In these unfortunate accidents, all of the victims were under the age of 5. While the reasons for these accidents vary, there are precautions that can be taken to help avoid these accidents.

Ways to Prevent Back-Up Accidents

While some accidents can not be avoided, there are safety precautions that every driver should take prior to backing up a vehicle. These include:

  • Walking around your vehicle to ensure that no obstacles are in your path of travel;
  • Listening for warning signs in case something advances in your path of travel;
  • Watch for children while traveling through streets or parking lots;

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