Dangers of Technological Advances in Personal Injury Cases

Americans and individuals all over the world have adapted to the many technological advances that are impacting every aspect of life. With the advance of technology came a lot more grief. While it has opened the gates more than one could ever imagine just a few decades ago, it has shown everyone the unfortunate reality of mischief, harm, and fraud that happens nearly every day throughout the country.

The extent of technology is continuously changing. This year, many prosecutors from different states have attempted to use gadgets that are appearing in homes throughout the country as evidence against criminals in trials. The reason for this is these high-tech gadgets, such as several “personal assistant” devices, and smart televisions are allegedly always recording. When prosecutors believe there is incriminating information that provides information relating to guilt, they are attempting to gain access to assist in investigations.

Technology has changed the legal field in civil cases, as well. Prior to the advances made in technology, it was difficult to send and receive documents, communicate with your attorney, and look people up on the internet. Now that technology can be used to everyone’s benefit, defense counsel often use information posted to social media against plaintiff’s in personal injury cases.

Two Tips to Avoid Harming Your Personal Injury Case

To avoid negatively impacting your personal injury case, it is best to:

  • Disconnect From Social Media: Disconnecting from social media in any way that you can will help prevent harming a personal injury claim. Delete or change the privacy settings so that only close friends and family members can see personal photos. Engaging in more face-to-face contact as opposed to internet contact is a good rule of thumb.
  • Follow Medical Advice in All Public Places: Following the advice of all medical professionals is essential in personal injury cases. However, we understand that sometimes it is difficult and frustrating to use a crutch or a cane to walk five feet to the refrigerator or 500 feet to your car to get one small item. However, when you or your loved one is in the public eye, these harmless acts can be extremely damaging to your case.

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