Building Fires in West Virginia

Many individuals throughout the state of West Virginia choose to utilize apartments, hotels, and rental homes to provide for their short and long term living accommodations. While most individuals enjoy their stay without experiencing any difficulties, there are others who unfortunately are seriously injured or needlessly lose their lives in building fires. These incidents are devastating to families involved as there are often many losses as a result of the fire, even if their loved ones escape without serious bodily injury. Some of these losses include the loss of personal possessions, stability, and a sense of security. If you have been injured in a building fire in the state of West Virginia, contact Colombo Law today.

Causes of Building Fires

Building fires can occur for any number of reasons. One common cause of building fires is the failure to properly maintain the property. Some common causes of fires may include:

  • Electrical fires/faulty wiring system: Electrical fires are often caused by old wiring that is in need of a replacement. In other cases, electrical fires can occur if equipment is not properly installed or malfunctions.
  • Fires caused by a single occupant: Single occupant fires are often related to cooking. Many times grease fires or carelessness may result in a small fire that can quickly turn deadly if responsive actions are not taken immediately.
  • Construction fires: Fires frequently occur on construction sites, especially the construction of apartment buildings. While these buildings are generally unoccupied, the fire often spreads to nearby apartment buildings or homes and causes widespread damage.

Other causes of building fires include issues with water heaters, broilers, or furnaces.

Determining Liability

Determining whom to sue when a building fire occurs is not always simple. The basis for the determination will be the facts and circumstances of each case. For instance, if the fire occurred in an apartment building as a result of a fire by a tenant, that tenant may be responsible for damages. In fact, many apartment buildings require tenants to obtain rental insurance. If the fire started as a result of an electrical issue, the landlord may be responsible. In many cases, the claim will be submitted to insurance companies for payout.

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