Accidents Resulting from Distracted Driving

Driving is a necessary activity in many states across the country and especially so in many parts of rural West Virginia. In many places, driving is required to access many of the necessities in life, such as access to food, proper medical care, and employment. Although driving may feel like an instinct once it is learned, it is a serious endeavor for which many underestimate the amount of focus that is required. A split second of inattention could result in a serious accident. If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident due to another’s distracted driving, call Colombo Law for assistance in a personal injury claim.

Many tend to think they are in control of a vehicle at all times, regardless of what they are doing. This is a widely inaccurate assumption. In 2014, 3,179 fatalities were the result of distracted driving and 431,000 injuries resulted. The following are some common causes of accidents related to distracted driving:

  • Cell phone use is one of the most common distractions when driving motor vehicles. In the United States, it is linked to one in every four car accidents. Both rear end collisions as well as head on collisions are a result of texting while driving. Negligence related to cell phone use is a large problem amongst younger generations.
  • Eating or drinking while driving is just as dangerous as using a cell phone while driving. When drinking, drivers are likely to have one hand off of the wheel. During this time, drivers may unintentionally swerve or be pushed by the wind, causing a motor vehicle accident. In addition, snacks such as potato chips, pretzels, or candy is known to cause accidents as the driver is not focused on the task of driving. These dangers escalate when eating food such as burgers, soup, or ice cream. These items typically causes drivers to lose focus and remove both hands from the steering wheel.
  • Moving objects within a motor vehicle is another source of distraction which causes accidents. Insects and other bugs frequently cause drivers of a motor vehicle to lose control. The chances of an accident are increased when a person is fearful of certain insects and bugs such as bees, worms, and flies. In addition other passengers moving in a vehicle has been known to cause distractions. Accidents are often caused when a driver begins to converse with other individuals in a vehicle. As the driver talks to other passengers they frequently look toward the passengers, allowing their eyes to completely focus in places other than in front of them.

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