Negligence and Swimming Pool Related Injuries

As summer approaches, thousands of families will enjoy the use of swimming pools located at their home, a neighbor’s home, hotels, or other convenient locations in an attempt to enjoy the sun and beat the heat. This activity is one of the main sources of summer activity for many families. Although pools are sure to result in a fun filled day, it is a dangerous activity that results in many injuries and deaths each year. If you or someone you know has been injured in a pool accident, you need to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney at Colombo Law to determine your rights today.

Swimming Pool Accidents Linked to Negligence

Many accidents related to swimming pools can be linked to negligence. The three most common accidents are a result of a lack of supervision, improper maintenance, and diving board accidents.

Improper Supervision

The majority of pool-related deaths are due to another’s failure to properly supervise your loved one in a location in which there is a pool around. Leaving a child unattended in or around a swimming pool is one of the main causes of drownings for young children. Children should be supervised at all times while near a pool. Distractions such as sunbathing or using your cell phone while a child is in the pool could lead to a devastating incident. A split second is all that it takes for an injury to occur. To lower the chances of injuries due to the lack of supervision, it is recommended that the caretaker remains within arms reach of a child while at a pool facility.

Improper Maintenance

Failing to properly maintain pool areas are another cause of pool related injuries. Slip and falls are another major contributor to pool related injuries. Indoor pool areas should be mopped frequently to ensure there are no puddles of water building in pool areas. In addition, there should be care taken to view signs warning guests of areas in which there is a wet floor.

Pools should also be properly maintained so that they are up to the required standard of care. Pools should be checked regularly to maintain proper chemical balances which help avoid bacterial infections. Negligence may also result if pool equipment is not checked and malfunctions. Pool lights are known to cause electric shock if it is not properly maintained.

Diving Related Incidents

Allowing individuals to dive in shallow water is another form of negligence that causes pool related injuries or death. Pool owners should ensure that they do not allow diving to take place in shallow waters and should not assemble diving boards in shallow ends of pools.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

After losing your loved one, many clients have indicated the feeling that their life turned into a whirlwind. The unexpected loss may also cause a huge financial strain on your family. Although no amount of money will bring your loved one back, compensation can help relieve some of the financial pressures your are experiencing. To determine whether you have a personal injury claim, contact Colombo Law today.

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