Tips to Remember After a Car Accident

Unfortunately, car accidents are all too common occurrences that affects millions of people each year. These accidents range from minor in nature to devastating accidents that prematurely take the lives of many people. If you or your loved one has been involved in an accident involving a motor vehicle, you need an experienced attorney. Let one of our experienced attorneys at Colombo Law assist you. For a no-risk initial consultation, contact us today.

Accidents are nerve-wracking encounters for everyone involved. The seconds and minutes following an accident are extremely important. During that time, all parties involved will likely speak to or encounter emergency service personnel, such as police officers and ambulatory care providers. In the event your accident becomes the subject of a personal injury lawsuit, everything that is documented at the scene of the accident will be analyzed closely. It is important to keep in mind that any information can be used as evidence against you in a later case. To avoid making statements that may potentially limit your rights to relief, you should keep the following in mind:

  • Remain at the scene of an accident;
  • Do not admit to being at fault for the accident;
  • Take pictures of any damages to your vehicle and anything that will help determine fault;
  • Seek medical attention;

While statements made are often used for the purpose of gathering information and providing medical care, any mishaps (Regardless of how small) could have damaging consequences on your personal injury claim, potentially limiting your ability to seek relief. Consider these statements:

  • Statement A: I did not see you driving on the side of me.
  • Statement B: Oh no, I am fine – I just have some minor scrapes.

Each of the statements above can potentially lead to unfavorable consequences. Statement A could mean a variety of things. One of the interpretations could suggest that the person making the statement contributed to the accident by failing to see the other driver. Statement B could have a huge impact on a plaintiff’s credibility regarding any injuries that are discovered in the days or weeks following an accident. For instance, any subsequent statement describing pain as excruciating could be challenged as insincere.

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