After an accident or incident resulting in serious bodily injury, there are many things the victim must do. It can be easy not to stay on top of everything that must be done in the heat of the moment. One of the most important things to do is remember the necessary steps that will enable you to prove your claim.

While many individuals seek medical treatment following an accident, they do not always follow up with the treatment plan or take their medications, attend follow up visits, or get enough rest. Victims often forget to keep adequate records, as well. Adequate records are crucial to a successful suit. If you have been injured in an accident resulting in bodily injury, contact Colombo Law today for a no-risk consultation.

Proving Your Injury

It is also important to keep accurate medical records as you go along because it will be much more difficult to obtain medical records after time has passed, right before trial. In many personal injury cases, the injured party will see emergency room doctors, follow up physicians, therapists, and other medical personnel. Accurate record keeping is crucial as the number of appointments, visits, costs incurred, and length of recovery will likely be an issue if your case goes to trial. It is important to keep all of the records in a safe place as you go along so this information is readily accessible.

In any type of legal action, proof is necessary as a claim will go nowhere without it. In personal injury actions, the Plaintiff (the person who initiates a lawsuit) has the burden of proving his or her claim. Medical records are often submitted by both sides as proof that the injured party suffered (or did not suffer) the harm they are alleging. The more accurate your records are, the more likely it is to prove your injury and claim for damages, maximizing your probability for recovery. Evidence of your injury is one of the most important factors in a successful personal injury claim.

Medical records also serve as documentation. Your medical records typically include a description of your injuries, a treatment plan, a summary of any pain you describe, and any other medical treatment. This documentation provides a more detailed insight than what is provided during an emergency room visit. This information is helpful as it usually portrays consistency between statements.

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The attorneys at Colombo Law have assisted thousands of individuals with their personal injury claims. We have the knowledge and experience to represent you from the negotiation phase through trial. No matter how big or small your claim is, we can help you recover for your injuries. If you are seeking an experienced attorney who will work hard to maximize your recovery, call Colombo Law today

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