Summer Camp Injuries in West Virginia

Summer has officially begun and many children are looking forward to all this summer will hold for them. For many, these plans include spending time with old friends and making new friends while on many different journeys. Summer camp offers a wide range of benefits for parents and children alike. While many parents place their children in various types of summer camp programs, ranging from day programs to overnight trips, children like all of the activities that summer camps have to offer.

Summer camps can also become a source of grief or anxiety for parents. This is because there are many injuries that occur at summer camps throughout the state. Many of these injuries are minor in nature. However, the consequences of some summer camp injuries are devastating for families. If you or your loved one has a child who has been injured in a summer camp injury, you need a lawyer to determine your rights to compensation. Contact Colombo Law today for a risk-free initial consultation.

Common Types of Summer Camp Injuries

  • Heat Stroke: At summer camp, children spend a significant amount of time outside in the heat. When outside in the heat, it is important that summer camp officials make children take frequent breaks, ensure they stay hydrated, and ensure that their internal temperature does not rise to dangerous levels. Taking all appropriate steps to ensure that your children are protected from the heat is crucial while at summer camp. Suffering from a heat stroke can quickly lead to unconsciousness and permanent damage. If a summer camp employee is negligent in protecting children against heat stroke or dehydration, he or she may be responsible for your child’s injuries.
  • Swimming Pool Accidents: Swimming pool injuries or drowning is a large concern at summer camps. While pools provide a great way to beat the heat, adequate supervision is essential. While minor scratches and bruises may not be a cause for concern, serious accidents are known to occur at pools.
  • Inappropriate Discipline: At summer camp, conflicts arise on a frequent basis. Summer camp counselors and other employees are required to swiftly address conflicts that occur. However, camp employees must respond appropriately when taking action to resolve an issue. When a summer camp employee reacts to a situation in a way that injures your children, you may be required to take legal action to adequately right the wrong that was committed against your child.

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