Road Debris and Car Accidents

Every time you set out on a journey, you know that as an operator of a motor vehicle, you will encounter and be required to react to unforeseen circumstances. Whether the unforeseen circumstances arise because of a person or animal running into the roadway, or another accident happening right in front of your lane of travel, you must think quickly to avoid the accident. One major cause of accidents is debris located in the roadway.

Each year, roads across America are filled with debris. The debris come from a variety of sources including tire blow-outs, lost cargo, animal carcasses, and intentional littering. Road debris, in combination with some unfortunate timing, presents many hazards to drivers on the road. If you or your loved one has been injured in a car accident or incident in West Virginia, contact Colombo Law today for a risk-free, initial consultation.

Dangers of Avoiding Road Debris

When operating a motor vehicle, the normal instinct is to avoid hitting any objects. In the moment, it is the common sense approach to swerve, as many drivers are often concerned about the potential damage to their vehicle. While this is logical, there are often dangers associated with swerving to avoid objects in the roadway. This is especially the case when swerving to avoid small animals. Each year, thousands of individuals wreck their vehicles by trying to avoid small animals and objects. In other cases, they cause serious bodily injury to themselves or others as the result of swerving and subsequently losing control of the vehicle.

What You Can Do to Help

With so many motorists on the roadways, it is inevitable that objects may appear in the roadway from time to time. To ensure the safety of everyone on the roadway, there are several things people can do every day to help make the road a more safe place:

  • Do Not Litter: Littering is a major cause of accidents on the roadway. Glass bottles and other glass objects cause tire blow-outs. Tire blow-outs often cause individuals to lose control of their vehicles. Plastic bags in the roadways are another major cause of concern. As motor vehicles pass by, plastic bags fly with the wind and sometimes become lodged against a motorists’ vehicle, causing the inability to see what lies ahead.
  • Lost Cargo: When one loses cargo, it is important to stop and pick up those items. If you are in an area where you cannot safely do so, you should notify the appropriate authorities of the road hazard. You should also remain in the area with hazard lights or another safe method of notifying drivers of the hazard. The worst thing one can do is to leave the object in the roadway without notifying someone. Leaving objects in the roadway, such as a mattress or a tire, can be fatal to others.

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