Factors that May Impact Your Personal Injury Award

A personal injury claim is the avenue for relief when an individual is injured by another’s negligence or wrongdoing. Personal injury cases are complex matters requiring the assistance and expertise of multiple professionals when identifying an injury, determining the cause of the injury, and assessing the damages. If you or your loved one has been injured in an accident or incident and you are interested in determining the relief available, contact one of the attorneys at Colombo Law for a no-risk initial consultation today.

Type of Injury

The type and extent of an injury has an impact on a personal injury case. These two factors have an impact on a plaintiff’s award of damages. Different damages are available when injuries are severe, including those that are debilitating, involve dismemberment, or require long-term medical care. For instance, individuals who sustain injuries requiring multiple surgeries have a higher likelihood of recovering more monetary damages. Our attorneys fight to make sure our clients obtain just compensation for injuries sustained.

Cause of Injury

The cause of your injury is also a determining factor in your personal injury case. Damages are likely to be greater if the cause of your injury was the result of circumstances that were particularly egregious. In these circumstances, a jury may award additional damages, usually in the form of punitive damages. For example, punitive damages may be awarded in a case where a business knew of a hazard, but allowed the hazard to continue for a significant period of time or covered up a hazard instead of remedying the issue.

Number of Plaintiffs

The number of Plaintiffs in a personal injury action may have an impact on the amount of damages awarded in your case. In class action lawsuits, one large monetary personal injury award is obtained and subsequently split between all injured parties who provided appropriate notification of their claim. In smaller awards, the number of plaintiffs can have a significant impact on a personal injury claim. The assistance of an experienced attorney is crucial in determining the amount of damages so that all parties may be made whole.

Amount of Attorney’s Fees

Most personal injury claims are taken on a contingency fee basis. The percentages of contingency fees may vary widely. West Virginia law provides that the amount of an attorney’s contingency fee cannot be excessive. The attorneys at Colombo Law charge reasonable fees for our services provided, which ensures you obtain just compensation for your injuries.

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