Determining Fault in Your Personal Injury Case

Each day, there are thousands of accidents that cause bodily injury throughout the United States. These accidents can range in severity causing minor injuries or leading to fatalities. If you or your loved one has been involved in an accident or incident that has caused injury, monetary compensation should be awarded for the injuries sustained. Our attorneys can help you obtain compensation for your injury including medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. For an initial consultation on your rights to monetary relief, contact Colombo Law today. During an initial consultation, our personal injury attorneys can determine a strategic plan that best meets your needs.

Comparative Negligence Standard

The state of West Virginia follows a comparative negligence standard of damages. Comparative Negligence is form of negligence by which those who are liable for an injury are accountable for the damages caused by their contribution to an injury. Comparative negligence usually arises in circumstances in which there are multiple defendants or in circumstances in which a defendant alleges that a Plaintiff contributed to her injury. In West Virginia, it is important to initiate a lawsuit against all liable parties to ensure the maximum amount of monetary recovery for a successful personal injury claim.

How to Determine Liable Parties

In some cases, parties quickly know everyone involved in causing an injury. For example, in a motor vehicle accident it is often easy to acknowledge that the other driver who caused the accident is the only party at fault. The typical party sued in this type of incident is the insurance company for the driver who caused the motor vehicle accident. However, in many other cases there are multiple defendants. One such example is a multiple vehicle car accident that leads to an emergency room visit. In this case, an investigation is necessary to determine whether one or all of the vehicles are responsible for your injury, whether the doctors in the hospital committed malpractice, and the percentage of each of the individual’s liability. An experienced attorney is necessary to handle such a complex investigation. Failure to properly conduct a thorough investigation could result in one or more of your claims being dismissed.

Contact an Experienced Attorney Today

If you or your loved one has been injured in an accident, do not wait to call Colombo Law today. While regaining your health is often your first priority, our attorneys want to help you regain your financial security that was needlessly lost due to a devastating accident or incident. Although our attorneys understand that no amount of money can undo the pain you or loved one experienced, the monetary compensation could help you piece your life back together as many individuals injured in an accident lose their homes, jobs, and other important resources. If you need a trusted attorney to help assist you in your personal injury claim, Colombo Law is the law firm to call.

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