Common Types of Burn Injuries

Any type of burn, regardless of the severity, causes some type of pain or discomfort. More serious burns extend past the point of an annoyance or discomfort and typically require medical treatment and/or hospitalization. If you or someone you know have been burned as a result of someone else’s negligence, contact Colombo Law for assistance in obtaining compensation for your injury.

During an initial consultation, one of our skilled personal injury attorneys will meet with you to determine whether you have a claim. Some common burn injuries that may give rise to a negligence claim are as follows:


Open flames are the number one cause of burn injuries throughout the United States. These injuries are just one type of thermal burn, meaning a burn that impacts the skin. Personal injury claims are often initiated as a result of burn injuries caused by electrical fires, gas stoves, and kerosene heaters. Burns caused by flames are usually second, third, or fourth degree burns. The impact of a third degree burn can be devastating, requiring victims to undergo surgery.

Scalding Liquids

Everyone typically expects certain liquids to be served hot. These liquids include coffee, tea, and/or soups. Although there is a common understanding that the liquid is hot, no one expects to suffer a burn after consuming or accidentally spilling a hot liquid due to its scalding nature. Scalding liquids are those that are heated to a temperature in which is more than the recommended serving temperature due to one’s negligence or a product defect. Because of this, liquids are unsafe for handling or consumption. After an accident or incident, there is an increased risk of external and internal injury. Internal burns are difficult to treat and the result of ingestion while external burns are those causing injury to the outer or inner layers of one’s skin.

Smoke Inhalation

When a fire occurs, there is a significant risk for smoke inhalation. Smoke inhalation is a major concern for all victims as even limited exposure has caused respiratory problems as well as Carbon Monoxide poisoning or cyanide poisoning. Carbon Monoxide poisoning is the most common result of smoke inhalation. It causes injury to the upper airway and impacts many bodily functions. Smoke inhalation also affects many individuals in apartment buildings as the smoke from fires consume the oxygen in a building, replacing it with other gases.

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If you or your loved one has been burned in an accident, contact the burn injury lawyers at Colombo Law today. Our attorneys understand that the effects of a burn injury are often devastating because of hospitalization, a debilitating condition, or the added financial strain due to the loss of employment. While no amount of money can undo the pain you or your loved one experienced, the goal of every attorney at Colombo Law is to get you the most compensation for your injury.

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