Some of the most devastating injuries involve burns from either a chemical explosion, a flash-back fire/explosion, and recently an explosion involving Fire Gel.

These flash-back explosions and fires are often preventable if the proper precautions are taken by the manufacturer of a product or the employer of a company who has put an employee in harm’s way. We have seen many instances where the potential risk for a flash-back explosion was well known and the manufacturer of a product or an employer has simply ignored the risk and allowed a consumer or an employee get terribly injured.

For example, we represented a 7 year old boy who sustained 3rd degree burns on over 65% of his body when a bottle of Natural Fire Starter Gel exploded on him. This young boy’s life has been changed forever. This fire gel product has a low flash point which allows the fire to go back up into the bottle and the bottle then explodes spewing its flaming contents onto the user. The manufacturer knew of this potential but continued to manufacture it and sell it as a consumer product. Also, the cap and the plastic bottle used to hold the fire gel were defectively designed and manufactured which substantially increased the risk of this disaster.

Often times manufacturers and employers put profits above the safety of its employees and the general public. This profit over safety mentality has resulted in devastating injuries to far too many people.

Personal injury, burn injury and wrongful death cases have strict timelines for filing claims and it is important not to let these pass by.

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