Serious Burn Injury Cases In West Virginia

The CDC’s National Center for Injury Prevention and Control gathers data on injuries. Burns are in the CDC’s list of top ten injuries in the United States and can occur in the workplace, home, or as the result of a car accident or truck accident and need immediate medical treatment as well as post emergency care. A West Virginia burn injury attorney from Colombo Law can provide you with the legal representation you need in an injury case. We are skilled and knowledgeable on the entire subject of injuries and compensation due to a burn injury.

Have you suffered a serious burn injury?

Electrical accidents, chemical explosions and other serious accidents can cause death and destruction. If an individual is fortunate enough to survive such an accident, severe, disabling injuries often result. Many accident victims suffer severe burn injuries and disfigurement which require intensive medical treatment and rehabilitative care. The burn injury attorneys at Colombo Law are dedicated to helping accident victims and their families obtain rightful compensation following a serious accident.

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A burn injury sometimes results from a dangerous or defective product, a motor vehicle accident, a construction site accident or other type of severe accident. We handle second and third degree burn cases which involve:

  • Electrical burns
  • Chemical burns
  • Electrocutions
  • Fire burns
  • Excessively Hot Water
  • Other serious burns

The level of care necessary for burn injury victims is quite different from that of patients with broken bones or lacerations. Burn injury patients often require multiple skin graft surgeries to repair the damaged tissue and avoid significant scarring. These surgeries can be extremely painful and many times still leave the patient with disfiguring scars that they must learn to cope with. For some patients, the level of scarring will prevent them from returning to the same occupation following their rehabilitation.

In addition to skin graft surgery, burn injury victims may require psychiatric treatment or counseling to help them cope with the disfigurement and may require ongoing physical therapy to return range of motion to the injured muscle or tissue (especially when the burn occurs in the hands or around joints, such as knees, shoulders, or elbows).

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