Witnesses of Car Accidents

Hundreds of thousands of car accidents occur every year in the United States. These accidents occur at grocery stores, malls, parking lots, and on the roadways. In many cases, accidents happen at a time when other individuals are present on the road. These unsuspecting individuals often become witnesses and are crucial in providing information related to the accident. Witnesses are extremely beneficial in a car accident case. If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident or incident involving a motor vehicle, contact Colombo Law today.

What is a Witness?

A witness is an individual who has personal knowledge about an accident or incident. The testimony provided by the witness must be relevant and related to the accident or incident. For example, the witness may testify to the following statements related to a motor vehicle collision:

  • I saw the tire blow out before vehicle A swerved and hit vehicle B.
  • I heard a big bang which was vehicle A’s tire popping right before vehicle A struck vehicle B.
  • I could smell fresh rubber from Vehicle A’s tire.
  • I touched a piece of rubber that was part of vehicle A’s tire.

All of the examples above could be relevant in a personal injury case related to a car accident. It is important to understand that these types of witnesses, those with personal knowledge of the events, are lay witnesses to a case.

When are Witnesses Necessary?

Witnesses are necessary in every accident or incident where one is available. Witnesses are crucial in car accident cases because they provide an account of what occurred through their own eyes. They become extremely important in any accident or incident that is in dispute, and it is never known when an accident or incident will be in dispute. In most accidents, parties do not admit fault at the time of the accident. That is why it becomes important to get the name, address, and a written statement of any witnesses at the time of the accident and preserve them for future use.

The best witnesses are those who are not related to any of the parties involved in the accident or incident. These witnesses can include pedestrians, other motorists, or passengers of other vehicles not involved in the accident.

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