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What takes just a split second to occur can, unfortunately, take much longer to resolve. Though they happen in the blink of an eye, truck accidents can quickly turn victims’ lives upside down, leading to expensive medical treatment, financial uncertainty, and lengthy settlement negotiations.

How long it takes to recover a settlement is not easy to answer. Truthfully, no one can answer this question with complete certainty, even if they understand the details of your claim. However, understanding why truck accident claims take longer than many other types of accident claims can help you know what to expect.

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What to Expect When Negotiating a Truck Accident Settlement

While every truck accident is different, there is one thing they all share in common: The insurance companies will try to pay you as little compensation as possible.

Unfortunately, truck accidents victims do not always realize this. They expect insurance companies to treat them with kindness and respect.

The truth, however, is that while insurance adjusters may seem friendly and caring, they will use your own words and inexperience against you without hesitation. They may offer you a settlement – which may be tempting to accept – but this initial offer will likely be much less than you deserve. They may also try to get you to sign a medical release form or a statement that they will later use to dispute your claim.

If you are not familiar with how truck accident claims work, these requests may seem harmless or even necessary. However, they are neither harmless nor necessary. In reality, these tactics can hurt your ability to recover compensation. As such, you are under no obligation to comply with these requests.

Why You Need a Lawyer to Settle Your Truck Accident Claim

Hiring a truck accident lawyer is essential for ensuring that the insurance companies do not take advantage of you during settlement negotiations. A trucking accident attorney can take additional steps to protect your rights, such as gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, establishing the cause of the accident, and reviewing truck driver logs and company records.

Truck accident cases are not like other types of accident cases. Unlike a typical car accident, for example, multiple parties may be liable for a truck accident, including:

  • The truck driver
  • The trucking company
  • Parts manufacturers
  • Loading companies
  • Mechanics and service centers

To build a strong case, a lawyer may need to investigate each of these parties, gather relevant evidence, hire experts, and more. Given the fact that substantial amounts in damages are typically at stake in truck accident claims, comprehensive investigation is required if you want a good chance of recovering the compensation you need and deserve.

When Will I Get My Truck Accident Settlement?

Ultimately, how long it takes to settle a truck accident claim comes down to how complex the cause of the accident was. If fault for the crash was clear-cut and there is strong evidence to support it, you may be able to reach a settlement in a matter of months.

On the other hand, if liability for the accident is complicated, reaching a fair settlement could take a year or more. This is especially true of cases where complex liability is a factor, such as when the truck driver and his or her employer may be at fault or when a defective part contributes to the accident.

Ultimately, the best way you can begin to understand how complex your case is and how long it might take to resolve it is to speak with an attorney who can promptly investigate on your behalf.

Contact a Trucking Accident Attorney Today

Something else to keep in mind after a truck accident: In West Virginia, you only have two years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit. While some truck accident claims can be resolved out of court, going to court is sometimes the best option for recovering the full compensation you deserve.

Preparing a case for trial is time-consuming and complicated. Getting started as soon as possible is important for ensuring that you have the maximum amount of time to negotiate a favorable settlement and, if necessary, file a lawsuit.

At Colombo Law, our primary focus is truck accidents. Our team draws upon unparalleled experience and knowledge to fight for your right to maximum compensation – something we have done for many injured clients over the years, and something we continue to be passionate about to this day.

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