Waterpark Accidents in West Virginia

West Virginia is home to several waterparks that create excitement for families of all ages. During the summer months, waterparks provide a great way to beat the heat while still allowing an opportunity for many to enjoy the sun. While attendance is a great way to have family fun, the results of an accident or incident at a waterpark can be tragic, if not fatal. There are some common accidents that occur at waterparks which may be avoided with added care. However, if you or your loved one is a victim of a waterpark accident, you should speak with an attorney to determine your rights to relief. The attorneys at Colombo Law will be happy to speak with you during a risk-free initial consultation.

Top Causes of Waterpark Accidents

Negligence at waterparks can occur as a result of a host of different factors. Some common reasons for accidents associated with negligence include:

  • Improper Maintenance: When a waterpark is not properly maintained, it often leads to countless personal injury actions, from minor to severe. Staff are responsible for keeping the park maintained in a way that ensures the safety of all guests.
  • Broken Glass: Broken glass at a water park is often the cause of accidents and injuriy for guests when negligent park staff does not clean it up quickly. While many parks do their best to ensure that guests do not bring any items containing glass, they must also ensure proper cleanup in the event glass shatters to prevent an injury from occurring.
  • Unsanitary Pool Conditions: Another common issue is improper treatment of the pools. Since many guests travel in and out of pools on an hourly basis, there is a high likelihood that bacteria is present in the water. Staff must consistently check the water to ensure it is safe for use.
  • Lack of Supervision: Parks are responsible for ensuring that guests are safe while using the facilities. There is a high risk of drowning associated with waterparks. Therefore, staff must be trained properly and know how to adequately respond to different situations. Well-trained lifeguards are crucial to ensuring the safety of guests. A water park must staff the proper amount of lifeguards to protect all the guests present at the park on any given day.

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