Rules of the Roadway for Bicyclers in West Virginia

Every year, there are collisions in the state of West Virginia between bicyclists and motorists. The unfortunate part of many of these encounters is that many could have been prevented. In West Virginia, there are laws in place to ensure the safety of everyone on the road. While motorists are bou

nd by one set of rules, there are also a specific set of rules that bicyclists must follow when using their bicycles as a means of transportation or for enjoyment or exercise on West Virginia streets. If you or your loved one has been involved in an accident or incident involving a collision between a bicycle and motorist, contact Colombo Law today. We offer risk-free initial consultations which will help an injured party determine their right to relief and make the difficult decision of whether they are able to proceed.

Important Guidelines for Bicyclists

West Virginia Law provides that bicyclists must follow the following laws:

  • Bike in the designated bicycle lane: Where roadways have designated paths or passageways for bicyclists, the law requires bicycles to travel in the designated area of travel. Bicycle lanes are an important tool of safety for bicyclists and are required to be taken advantage of, where possible. Bicycle lanes define the road space for bikes and cars promote the safety of everyone sharing the roadway.
  • Bike on the right side of the roadway: Where roadways do not have a designated path or passageway for bicyclists, the law requires bicyclists to travel on the right side of the roadway. This is in the same direction of travel as motor vehicles. However, where the cyclist is traveling at a speed which is greater than the normal speed of traffic, bicyclists much stay as close to the curb as possible. There have been several exceptions carved out from this rule, including:
    • Where the bicyclist intends on passing another bicyclist;
    • When preparing to make a left hand turn at the intersection;
    • When necessary to avoid contact with something in the roadway including a parked vehicle, pedestrian, animal, or surface hazard. This exception focuses on moving out of the intended area of travel due to safety hazards posed to the bicyclist.
  • Stay off sidewalks: West Virginia law also prohibits bicyclists from riding on sidewalks. This is the designated travel area for pedestrians, or those traveling by foot. For this reason, the law also prohibits riding on the left side of the road as this is the designated area of travel for pedestrians, where a sidewalk is not available.

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