Personal Injury Law: When a “Lemon” Leads to an Accident

Purchasing a motor vehicle in the state of West Virginia, or any state, can be challenging. Dishonest car dealerships easily mask problems or intentionally misstate the true condition of a motor vehicle when trying to complete a sale. Often times, purchasers do not discover the problems associated with the purchase until the car is driven for a longer, more continuous period of time. In some unfortunate cases, a driver discovers the problem after an accident. If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident or incident within the state, contact Colombo Law today. One of our experienced car accident attorneys can meet with you to determine the probability of success for your case during a risk-free initial consultation.

What are Lemon Laws?

Many states across the United States have come up with a set of laws to protect consumers who recently purchase new vehicles. In West Virginia, lemon laws protect individuals purchasing vehicles for personal use. If the vehicles show nonconformities, one or more defects that substantially impairs the use of the vehicles, within the first 12 months, lemon laws may apply if the defect cannot be repaired after three attempts.

Common Accidents Associated with Lemons

When a vehicle malfunctions, there is a potential for harm to the individual operating the vehicle, his or her passengers, and all passersby who happen to be within an unsafe distance. Some common accidents that occur as a result of purchasing a lemon includes:

  • Suspension/Brake Failure: Being able to control your vehicle and having the ability to quickly stop your car are two of the most important functions that exist. A sudden loss of one’s brakes or a problem with suspension have the potential to cause devastating injuries.
  • Faulty Wiring: Faulty wiring often causes major problems in used vehicles. Once a vehicle is obtained by the owner, it is often difficult to correct any problems or make modifications to a vehicle’s wiring. When dealers fail to correct the issues, it may cause a vehicle to lose power suddenly, braking even when unprompted, and have problems with lights.

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