Pennsylvania Man Sues West Virginia Casino

The West Virginia Record recently reported that a Pennsylvania man sued the Mountaineer Casino and Racetrack after he sustained damages while using the handicap ramp at their facility. The man asserts that the owners are responsible for his damages as they were negligent in maintaining the property and caused his injuries. Each year, several thousands of injuries occur, just like in this case. If you or your loved one has been injured in an accident or incident at Mountaineer Casino and Racetrack or on the premises of another business in the state of West Virginia, one of our experienced attorneys at Colombo Law can assist you with your personal injury claim.

Common Causes of Casino Injuries

Casino accidents happen all the time. In casinos the most common reasons for lawsuits stem from the following injuries:

Slip and Falls

Slip and fall accidents are the most common reasons for injuries at casinos. Casinos have many areas in which hazards for slip and falls are present including in the parking lots, on shuttle buses, in the gambling areas, or in bars and restaurants. At any given time, there are hundreds of individuals who are on a casino premises creating an environment full of spilled beverages and improper disposal of unwanted items. Although the casino may not have directly created the hazard, owners have a duty to ensure that these hazards are removed within a reasonable period of time, to avoid liability.

Negligent Security

While many individuals go to casinos for good fun and to test their hand at winning money, others go to take advantage of innocent people. Robberies, theft, and assaults often occur on the premises of a casino. Casinos must ensure not only the safety of the condition of the premises but also the safety of those on the premises. If you have been injured as a result of an assault or robbery, the casino may be held liable if they were negligent in securing the premises from those preying on individuals after wins.

Failing to Maintain the Premises

Casinos are often very large facilities. In those facilities, there are many hazards that arise on a daily basis and pose a threat to customers. For example, there are hundreds of chairs in any given casino. Broken chairs create a risk of injury. Overtime, other dangers become present such as loose tiles and issues with slot machine stands. If a casino premises is not properly maintained in the state of West Virginia, the owner may be held liable for negligence.

Colombo Law: Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys

If you have been injured at a casino, you need the experience of a personal injury attorney to help you fight for fair compensation. Without this experience, you could be waiving your right to obtaining the maximum relief available. Regardless of where you are with your personal injury claim, contact Colombo Law today for a no-risk consultation to determine what your best options are.

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