Obtaining Compensation for Your Workplace Injury

Employers are required to ensure that their employees work in an environment that is free from any hazards which may lead to an injury. Workplace injuries range in severity, but can be minor in nature or lead to fatalities. If you have been injured in a workplace accident, contact an experienced attorney at Colombo Law. Our attorneys are equipped to handle all of your needs and assist you with your legal needs arising from a workplace injury.

Causes of Workplace Injuries

Many workplace injuries are a result of inattentiveness, inexperience, or the lack of adequate training. However, some workplace injuries occur because of unfortunate circumstances that are of no fault of the injured party. Some common causes of workplace injury include:

  • Defective Equipment or Machinery: In many instances individuals are injured by defective equipment due to improper maintenance or lack of maintenance. Employers assume in all too many instances that the equipment is working properly if there are not any open recalls. However, companies should have all equipment checked regularly not only for the safety of consumers, but for employees as well. Defective equipment due to the lack of maintenance can lead to a range of problems for different business including brake failure on motor vehicles and commercial trucks, breaks and tears on belts in machines, and commercial range malfunctions.
  • Lack of Safety Equipment: Individuals who engage in physical labor are often required to wear safety equipment such as safety goggles, hard hats, work gloves, steel toe boots, and other protective equipment. Unfortunately, in many cases individuals are injured because the employer did not provide them with safety equipment. These injuries are unacceptable as these accidents could have been prevented. Workers are entitled to be protected against exposure to dangerous work conditions.

Types of Compensation

After a workplace accident, you may be entitled to workmen’s compensation. This is important as in many cases an injured party experiences a huge financial strain as they experience an increase in medical bills, a decrease in wages (as a result of lost work), and an increase in stress. Be sure to notify the appropriate individuals and file a workers compensation claim as soon as you become aware of its necessity. It is best to have the assistance of an experienced attorney with your workmens’ compensation claim as individuals are often denied workmen’s compensation without valid reason.

You may also be able to recover against an employer if you are able to prove that your workplace injury was a result of:

  • A specific unsafe working condition existed;
  • Employer was aware of the unsafe condition prior to your injury;
  • Employer violated a safety statute or a state or federal law or they deviated from a standard practice within the business;
  • Employer intentionally exposed you to the danger; and
  • As a result of Employer’s action, a serious injury or death occurred.

Need More Information About Work Place Injury Claims?

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