Huntington Top in West Virginia DUI Arrests

Recently, a 19-year-old woman in West Virginia was arrested for driving under the influence, which led to an overdose-related accident. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated case for Huntington, as the local police department reports that 65% of DUI arrests are drug related, accounting for 9 arrests last year and 530 arrest so far in 2016. DUI crashes this year have resulted in property damages and many injuries to individuals. The West Virginia police chief noted that the rise in DUI-related traffic incidents have occurred because of the way drug transactions occur; buyers purchasing drugs, consuming them on the spot, and driving away. This leads to the inability to control the vehicle when the drugs take effect or during an overdose. DUI drivers pose a risk to all individuals who are on or near the roadway.

Colombo Law is a personal injury law firm that can assist you or your loved one in obtaining monetary compensation for injuries that occur as a result of a DUI-related traffic incident. If you or your loved one has been injured in an accident or incident as a result of an intoxicated driver, contact a car accident lawyer at Colombo Law today.

Admissibility of DUI Convictions in Civil Cases

If a party has pleaded or was found guilty for driving under the influence of alcohol, or legal or illegal drugs, the evidence is relevant and will likely be admissible in a subsequent civil proceeding for monetary relief. In fact, these types of arrests and convictions are beneficial in civil cases to prove negligence, a required showing in most personal injury cases. Our experienced attorneys are careful to ensure that we are uncovering and examining all relevant evidence, including arrests made at the time of the accident, police reports, and other relevant testimony such as witness statements. These factors help build personal injury cases for you and your loved ones.

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In West Virginia, DUI convictions are often the result of driving under the influence of alcohol. Impaired driving causes many fatal accidents each year and for those who are fortunate enough to survive an accident or incident they suffer devastating injuries. If you have been injured in a DUI related accident, you want to obtain an experienced attorney at Colombo Law to assist you with your claim.

Colombo Law is a full service personal injury law firm that seeks to help every victim of an accident or incident recover damages for their injury to the extent it is legally possible, regardless of how big or small the claim is. We assist clients located in and around West Virginia including in Morgantown, Fairmont, Clarksburg, Bridgeport, Kingwood, Grafton, Weston, Philippi, Buckhannon, Elkins, Parkersburg, as well as Monongalia, Marion, Harrison, Preston, Taylor, and Lewis county. If you have been injured in an accident or incident but are unsure of whether you have a personal injury claim, contact Colombo Law today for a risk-free initial consultation.

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