Elevator Accidents in West Virginia

Elevators have been around for centuries, facilitating the ease of access between floors in multistory buildings across the United States. In West Virginia, elevators exist on the premises of residential buildings, malls, grocery stores, parking garages, and more. While many individuals use elevators on a day-to-day basis, many do not know the ins and outs of the extremely technical nature of elevators until something happens that impacts them or their loved ones.

There are many elevator accidents each year, often as a result of a malfunction. These malfunctions cause injuries to unsuspecting victims, some of which result in fatalities. If you or your loved one has been injured in an accident or incident in West Virginia, contact Colombo Law today. Our attorneys are happy to meet with you for a risk-free initial consultation to determine your rights to relief.

Common Types of Elevator Accidents

Typically, elevators malfunction in similar ways, having the potential to create chaos and cause injuries. Some common reasons for elevator accidents include:

  • Elevator doors: Many newer elevator doors have electronic eyes which detect when an individual is in the doorway, which signals that something is in the doorway to stop it from closing. In some instances, the electronic eye malfunctions and closes on an occupant. When this occurs, elevator doors are particularly dangerous. The doors have the potential to close on people, knocking them down, or attach to garments as the door closes. Both types of incidents present significant hazards and a great potential for injury.
  • Missing Elevators: Elevator doors are supposed to remain locked until the elevator signals that it reached the desired floor. However, there are instances in which the elevator door opens and the elevator is missing. In these instances, individuals step into the shaft and fall.
  • Falling Elevator: Elevators have also been known to skip floors or drop suddenly, coming to a crashing stop.

When your loved one is injured in an elevator accident, you may have a claim for premises liability against the building owner or other responsible parties. These types of actions require a thorough investigation, including obtaining a determination of what malfunctioned. Our attorneys want to help you get the answers you deserve and ensure that the devastating consequences do not happen to anyone else. For assistance, contact trusted West Virginia attorneys.

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