Driver Distractions and the Use of GPS Devices

A majority of Americans travel to unfamiliar cities and their surrounding areas on a regular basis. In other instances, individuals may be familiar with the general direction or area in which they intend to travel without knowing the exact location of their destination. While traveling to new places often makes for memorable times at restaurants, theaters, and cultural sites, it creates additional dangers for you and your passengers. Many individuals find their destinations without incident with the assistance of a GPS. However, if you or your loved ones are one of the many who have been injured in an accident or incident stemming from distracted driving, contact a car accident lawyer at Colombo Law today.

Risks Associated with GPS Devices

Most individuals can attest to the benefits of GPS devices. The creation of GPS devices has provided most users with the added convenience of having a travel device that is intended to ensure individuals arrive at their precise location every time. It essentially eliminates the use of paper maps and print outs that were ineffective if unanticipated situations arose, like detours. However, there are still many risks associated with the use of GPS devices, including:

  • Driving with an outdated GPS that does not account for new road conditions.
  • Mistakenly directing the user to violate traffic laws.
  • Creation of driving distractions.
  • Other inaccurate information that places users in danger.

The creation of driving distractions is the most common hazard users face on a daily basis. Use of a GPS device often requires drivers to take their eyes off the roadway in front of them to follow the travel instructions provided. In addition, many users attempt to input information while the vehicle is moving, creating hazards similar to texting and driving.

Avoid Accidents Associated with the Use of a GPS Device

There are several tips can be used to avoid distracted driving accidents associated with the use of a GPS device. However, the most important tip is to use common sense and follow your instincts. Unfortunately, there have been several cases where following an outdated GPS has left the operator or its passengers seriously injured. Drivers have driven their vehicles into large bodies of water, down embankments, or in the wrong direction down a one-way street.

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