Benefits of Contingency Fee Arrangements

When hiring an attorney in a personal injury case, there are many different fee structures that can be set up. A fee structure details the fee arrangement made by you and your attorney in exchange for the legal services provided. In many personal injury cases, attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. In contingency fee cases, an attorney does not take a monetary fee from the client upfront. Instead, the attorney is paid a percentage of the funds recovered after successfully settling or winning a case. That is why it is important to contact an attorney if you or your loved one is involved in an accident or incident that causes injuries.

Contingency Fee Benefits

There are several benefits to having your case taken on a contingency fee basis:

  • Contingency fee cases allow individuals with limited income the ability to pursue a claim. Personal injury claims often occur at times when individuals do not have enough disposable income to pay attorney’s fees. When a personal injury case occurs, there is often a sharp rise in medical expenses. There are also other immediate out-of-pocket costs to replace the things that were lost as a result of the car accident or incident.
  • If your case is taken on the contingency fee basis, expenses associated with the case are also covered by the firm taking your case. These funds are deducted from the amount recovered when the case comes to its proper conclusion. This is another benefit of contingency fees, as the expenses arising from litigation also often prohibit injured parties from pursuing valid claims.
  • When a case is taken on a contingency fee basis, you can be assured that your attorney thinks you have a valid claim. When Colombo Law takes on a case on a contingency basis, our attorneys have reviewed the facts and circumstances of the claim and have made an initial determination of the validity.

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